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Latest press release from Bosch regarding their take over of the Sunpro range..

"Bosch introduces performance line at SEMA 2014 Available in most automotive retailers starting in late 2014, Bosch debuts its first-ever full line of analog tachometers, pressure, temperature, hours meters, gauges cases and accessories.

Bosch Gauges represent the latest in design following our 100+ year history of Automotive, Industrial, and Racing products.

The Retro line delivers style and performance while featuring a clean, easy to read look with white lettering against a black face.
The Custom Line features a clean easy to read look with blue line styling against a black background.
The Sport Line is designed to match modern car interiors and delivers style and performance while featuring high accuracy with fast needle response.
The Style Line features a clean easy to read look with a bright pointer against a white or black background. "


..AVAILABLE TO ORDER ONLY- The last few Sunpro branded White 5" MONSTER Tach with remote blue shiftlight . Deep chrome case...more FLASH for your DASH! .. 100 ea .. LIMITED NUMBERS ONLY!!(delivery April)

..ALSO back with us for a limited time, Black versions of the Chromed Steel 5" Monsters, STILL only 100 ea..

Equus 3 1/2" tachs , in black, only 70..

And the White version, 3 1/2" & free standing with all bracketry & wiring at only 80ea!

..Available to order NOW, Sunpro Retro 3 3/8" tachs , 100 ea..(delivery April)

..NEW RANGE just in Equus 2 1/2" freestanding tachs in black faced,only for now, but with a choice of chromed or black bezel as shown- 50 ea

Sunpro fuel gauges . Gauge is a good substitute for Split bus gauge, with stepped bezel; sender suits depths of tank from 6"-26" & is comprehensive with all fittings & instructions; gauge 35, sender 35..

- white version also available, same price..

..& more versions of existing models , including BLACK bezelled 2 5/8" Mini Supertach 11s...price is the same as the chromed bezel items at 45 ea..

..IN NOW -Super Tach 11, , free standing 8000 rpm tachs with black body & chrome bezel; with white or black faces -3 3/8" 65 ea, 2 5/8" 45ea

..NOW IN, the new range of 'Classic' Black faced oil pressure & temperature gauges with red needles. They come with senders & adaptors, as with all Sunpro oil gauges , & are 40 ea , or 90 supplied together, in a pod, as shown..

..Ammeters & Voltmeters are also available at 30 ea to match..

..White faced Sunpro oil gauges with senders & adaptors at 40ea..NOW IN! ..

ALSO available, Ammeters & Voltmeters at 30 ea & Fuel gauges at 35 ea)

..Available from VERY limited stock , the 5" Sport ST Tach has a really modern feel to it , in keeping with the high performance upgrades now available. External shiftlight & strap bracket ensure function follows form with this Space-age MONSTER; -...Limited numbers only at 100 ..WHITE faced also available for a short time..PRICE NOW REDUCED TO 90 EA!!

..Minimonsters are now completely SOLD OUT & we are told there will be NO MORE supply from The States :(

NEW IN!- Sunpro metric sender adaptors. A pack of 5 differing metric threaded adaptors to enable you to place your senders EXACTLY where you choose...10 a pack of 5
Double pod 10-triple pod 15.Availible in Carbon-look, as shown, or plain black, crinkle finish.

All pods can be inverted for mounting under dashes)...like this one, painted & mounted in Tom Lubbock's Split

Please check the listings for NEW prices; due to Increased Customs charges, some gauge prices have had to be put up from 1st August 2012..