..always in stock; new & second-hand Sunpro & Autometer gauges of all sorts... ..to place an order, or make an enquiry, please see the CONTACT page...

..BACK IN STOCK FOR CHRISTMAS- ..White 5" MONSTER Tach with remote blue shiftlight . Deep chrome case...more FLASH for your DASH! .. 100 ea .. LIMITED NUMBERS ONLY!!

..ALSO back with us for a limited time, Black versions of the Chromed Steel 5" Monsters, STILL only 100 ea..

..Available from stock NOW, Sunpro Retro 3 3/8" tachs , 100 ea..

..NEW RANGE just in Equus 2 1/2" freestanding tachs in black faced,only for now, but with a choice of chromed or black bezel as shown- 50 ea

Equus 3 1/2" tachs , in black, only 70..

And the White version, 3 1/2" & free standing with all bracketry & wiring at only 80ea-IN STOCK FOR CHRISTMAS!

Sunpro fuel gauges . Gauge is a good substitute for Split bus gauge, with stepped bezel; sender suits depths of tank from 6"-26" & is comprehensive with all fittings & instructions; gauge 35, sender 35..

- white version also available, same price..

..& more versions of existing models , including BLACK bezelled 2 5/8" Mini Supertach 11s...price is the same as the chromed bezel items at 45 ea..

..IN NOW -Super Tach 11, , free standing 8000 rpm tachs with black body & chrome bezel; with white or black faces -3 3/8" 65 ea, 2 5/8" 45ea

..NOW IN, the new range of 'Classic' Black faced oil pressure & temperature gauges with red needles. They come with senders & adaptors, as with all Sunpro oil gauges , & are 40 ea , or 90 supplied together, in a pod, as shown..

..Ammeters & Voltmeters are also available at 30 ea to match..

..White faced Sunpro oil gauges with senders & adaptors at 40ea..NOW IN! ..

ALSO available, Ammeters & Voltmeters at 30 ea & Fuel gauges at 35 ea)

..Available from VERY limited stock , the 5" Sport ST Tach has a really modern feel to it , in keeping with the high performance upgrades now available. External shiftlight & strap bracket ensure function follows form with this Space-age MONSTER; -...Limited numbers only at 100 ..WHITE faced also available for a short time..PRICE NOW REDUCED TO 90 EA!!

..Minimonsters are now completely SOLD OUT & we are told there will be NO MORE supply from The States :(

NEW IN!- Sunpro metric sender adaptors. A pack of 5 differing metric threaded adaptors to enable you to place your senders EXACTLY where you choose...10 a pack of 5
Double pod 10-triple pod 15.Availible in Carbon-look, as shown, or plain black, crinkle finish.

All pods can be inverted for mounting under dashes)...like this one, painted & mounted in Tom Lubbock's Split

Please check the listings for NEW prices; due to Increased Customs charges, some gauge prices have had to be put up from 1st August 2012..