.. a selection of innovative engineering solutions from the skilled hands of Simon Buttsworth , designed & engineered to improve your aircooled Volkswagen..

..Firstly , the much-heralded Splitscreen Van Throttle pedal kit ; as featured in Volksworld magazine , this kit replaces the existing sloppy & worn pivot below the pedal, with a state-of-the-art linkage .Currently only available for LHD models, each kit comes with all you need & is easy to fit - with a choice of with or without the ( often missing) gaitor- 40 with, 35 without..

..AND NOW featured in the German VWSpeed magazine..

..and NOW -the long awaited RHD versions are available - mail for price & to reserve ..

..Safari seals ; Butty's much renowned Safari seals for opening front windscreens on pre-67 busses- GUARANTEED to work !- full return policy if the seals leak upon fitting -QUALITY (nuff said!) at 30pr..


..Handbrake cable extension tubes; for the rear end of your handbrake cable fitment, when lowering your bus using a Straight axle kit .Essential piece of kit needed for when your straight axling a split screen van or even irsing it , the handbrake cable conduits dont reach the brake backing plate , but these pieces of kit will in theory extend your conduit and make the handbrake conduit reach the mounting area 8 a pair..

..Split bus cab seat brackets; often damaged, sometimes missing, these brackets are manufactured from good quality, thick gauge steel to ensure that your front bench seat mounts properly & securely. Both vertical & horizontal brackets are available- a full kit ( upper & lower) is 40 (4 pieces) & just the lower brackets ( 2 pieces) is 20
( coming SOON Barndoor specific versions)

..Beetle rear brake drum spacers for the conversion from 4 stud to wide-5 fitment . Interior & exterior shaft spacers for an EXACT fit. Sold as a kit with new pins-20
This kit allows you to fit wide 5/early beetle rear drums (pre1967)onto a late 4 stud beetle gearbox , without the need to fit early brake shoes ........
Great if your wanting to fit wide 5 wheels onto your 4 stud beetle (brms/empi 5 spokes /sprintstars .).....
Or if you have a straight axled split screen van/bus running a late beetle gearbox , late being a gearbox from a 1968 beetle onwards ...
All you need to do is remove the 36mm hub nut and take off the drum , then fit the thin spacer and fit a wide 5 drum ,then on goes the thick spacer and 36mm hub nut , job done

..& a swift pictorial explanation ..

..Bay Window Horseshoe plate kit; allows rear end lowering in one simple, safe move , without increasing camber- simple bolt on rear end match to dropped spindles at the front ;-55 set complete with replacement bolts.
Coated in Zinc and Black to prevent rust ....
Simple bolt on lowering kit , for bay window/T2 campers/vans ....
Very simple to fit .
Will lower rear end about 3.5 inch`s.
Bolts onto the rear springplates , then you mount the drive shaft housings and brake setup 3.5 inch`s higher ....
Also kit stops the wheels tucking over so much , you only need to remove the hub setups , you do not alter the springplate positions and no shorter shocks required , stock ride just lower ..

..Replacement throttle pedal pushrod for LHD Splitscreen vans 55-67..16

..Replacement throttle pedal pushrod for LHD Early Bay vans 67-72..16

..Beam endplate shock spacers for positioning front shocks when fitting a narrowed front beam- 5 pr

..Also in stock, 3mm steel spacers for wide-5 , pre67 vw wheel fitment..15pr..