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..Latest press release from Bosch on their takeover of the Sunpro range can be seen on the Gauges page-gauges available to order from us NOW!..

..LOADS more gauges & Tachs NOW IN for 2015! ...Including a few of the still much-sought- after White faced Chrome Monsters!! ..

(Black also back in stock)

..MORE Early Vw & performance parts NOW IN!..check sections for details..also check Attic for new finds!..

..RHD Ghia/Beetle shifter in Performance parts..

..And MORE Retro look Sunpro Tachs IN STOCK NOW!!

..With THESE from Equus, too..

..Splitscreen glass NOW IN Check the Early parts section..

..Following the success of our own EVW branded clothing, we are proud to announce our latest franchise- Aircooled Apparel T s ..

see page 12 for individual items & details ..

..Sunpro ST Monsters NOW available in black AND white faced..PRICE NOW REDUCED!!

..New line- 'Classic' black faced oil gauges from Sunpro, NOW IN!..

..'Different' versions of the smallest Tachs are available from our latest Sunpro delivery, NOW!..

..Butty's Bits update!..

..Engine tinware, NOW IN!..

..VAST array of Sunpro products now available!-

..NOW HERE!- Butty's bits!..Butty's Aircooled Vw MUST HAVE parts for your air-cooled ride ; watch the new section- updates weekly with new items & information .. NOW UPDATED! ..
-BREAKING NEWS!-RHD throttle kits!..

Unfortunately , due to the constant escallation of Customs charges we have now to increase some of our gauge prices to offset this loss. We apologise for this measure, but it IS the first increase in 5 years !..

..MORE wheels , now in!.. ranges of 52mm gauges available this year..

..MORE fuel gauges & senders in NOW!..

..NEW "Early" stickers NOW AVAILABLE!..Original telephone number ones , also available, also 1 ea..

....MORE Early parts, now in..

..Tach brackets now in - see gauges section..

..MORE pods now in , in both crinkle black & carbon effect ; double & triple versions to fit 52mm gauges..

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..ATTIC UPDATE!-loads more parts being added NOW!..

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