..the complete rebuild- for sale - of a twin-spark VW Aircraft engine..

We bought an 1835 engine from a crashed Light aircraft last year, & have slowly rebuilt it, originally to power our 1953 Bus project, but now FOR SALE ...1650 as shown- please enquire for further details


Blueprinted stock crankshaft, new mains & drives

Engle 110 camshaft & camwheel,& stock followers inserted in reconned,full flow replacement BBT AS41 crank cases,bored to 96mm & alignbored

Original 1835 B&P refitted

Twinspark heads with standard valve sizes cleaned, checked & refitted

..with plated pushrod tubes & stock pushrods..

-stock rockers refitted to Scat bolt-up rocker shafts with swivel feet adjusters , on stand shims & with lash caps..

endfloat set at >4th , new seal fitted ..

..& 200mm flywheel replaced; new oil pump added

CSP rocker covers & alternator stand added

..dummy leads link extra, unused plugs ;new seals, gaskets & rubbers all round..

Billet Pertronix 1 distributor,& new, stock fuel pump added as extras. Sunpro oil temp & Pressure senders & oil take off & hoses for HP1 filtration & external cooler included.